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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 18, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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i ae great videos you have been looking for, "right this minute." double bus trouble as a deer rockets through a windshield and a teenager tries to tell a driver -- >> his hand was stuck in the doors. >> the frantic moves to free himself as the bus takes off. one of the craziest videos ever of a bird catch. one hand reach, grabs the bird. now meet the guy who happened to be out there with an nfl quarterback. >> san francisco has offered me a contract to play wide receiver. >> yay!
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>> video from a high-brow affair catches the ladies -- >> doing some unlady like things. >> what happened when a gentleman showed up as their escort. plus, why you haven't lived until you tried choctopus. and some couples who were expecting a baby who weren't expecting this at the sonogram. >> baby is like, oh -- >> i have two very scary moments to show you guys. fist o first one in florida. and it picks up as the doors to the city bus are closing, right outside, trying to get in the bus is 14-year-old jerry cunningham. before he can actually get on the bus, the doors close, and then you see him running sort of knocking at the door and then he just disappears. you think was he trying to get in the bus? no, he was trying to alert the bus driver that his hand was stuck in the doors. the bus driver didn't stop, even
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though you do see the women trying to tell him, that he is there. you see him running as fast as he can, next to the bus and then he trips, he falls. and he is run over by the bus. at that point, the bus driver finally stops the bus. gets out of the seat and everybody is very frantic. we have some of the 911 calls that came in about this incident. >> he was running alongside the bus and i told the bus driver to stop and he wouldn't and the child fell under the bus. >> unfortunately, jerry was taken to the hospital in critical condition. had suffere hadbrjaw, ann ankled a collapsed lung. >> is the bus driver in trouble? >> there will be an investigation to determine what exactly happened. another scary moment caught on security camera on the bus was this one right here.
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in pennsylvania. >> oh. >> a deer. >> a deer jumped in and crashes through the windshield into the bus. >> good thing he didn't come through the driver's side. >> we see the deer fighting frantically, doesn't know where to go. obviously disoriented. >> the poor thing trying to find any way out possible. >> fortunately, at this point, only the bus driver and one other passenger are in the bus. eventually, the bus finds his way out the doors, you can mangin how freaked out those two people were. sometimes you are just glad that a video camera is rolling, because you would never believe this happened if it wasn't caught on video. whoa! no way!
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>> i just got that on camera. >> pastor matt carter at austin community church, out on a quail hunting trip with some of his buddies. >> like catching a frisbee. >> one hand reach, grabs a bird, catches the bird. >> all that expensive hunting gear, all you need is a big old man hand. >> the bird came right to him. >> to make this video even more remarkable. he was hunting with his buddy, colt mccoy. player for the 49ers. >> they need to draft him. >> to tell us more about the incredible catch, we have pastor matt carter, right this minute, via skype. welcome to the show, sticky fingers. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> how did you do this? do you do this often? >> i wanted to let you know, san francisco has offered me a contract to play wide receiver. colt and i are friends, he went to my church when he was a senior in high school, and we
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got to be buds and just wrote a book together called "the real win" and we were shooting the video curriculum portion of the book, and colt's father yelled come at you, and i had the luckiest moment of my entire life. >> did it hurt your hand? it all happened so perfectly. >> i put my hand up, and the very first thing that went through my mind, it was going to hurt. it didn't hurt at all, it was shocking. >> tell us about the book you are writing? >> it's about how to be a good man, father, husband and in the midst of success and failures. called "the real win." amazon, sam's club, barnes & noble, get it anywhere. >> did the bird come home for dinner? >> we let the bird go. he was fine and ran off. >> lucky day for and you lucky day for the bird. i like that. smoke and flames erupting from a 2 1/2 story duplex in eastern pennsylvania.
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right away, you see a firefighter up on the roof with a chainsaw, trying to ventilate the roof. just below him, fire licking at his heels as his saw cuts into the roof. he does manage to open up a vent hole in the roof, but the fire comes through the roof quite heavily as he probably expected, but then the fire inside the building itself starts to get out of hand. he manages to get the hole open and realizes, maybe it's time to back down a little bit. let me get down. starts to work his way down the roof. you see the fire below and above him, start to really punch through the roof. and you got to figure the whole time, making the roof weaker as well. and hotter. at one point, he tries to recover the ladder from the top, but loses his footing a little bit as he misses a rung on the ladder. and he falls. >> oh. >> thankfully he doesn't fall far. only falls down to another short roof, just below him, he appears to be uninjured and continues to
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work. you see firefighters inside the windows with flashlights working inside the large structure fire. about a minute later, the horn blast from the fire trucks. saying get out in case any of the firefighters inside the home didn't hear the radio call. firefighters weren't able to get a good handle on this fire because of a loss of water pressure and some dead fire hydrants in the area. a tough, stubborn fire to fight. thankfully this firefighter got out of it. ladies, i have a video of some other ladies doing some unlady like things. unlady like behavior you could say, from the iroquois steeplechase. people dressed up in their derby gear, a little sun dresses, looking cute. >> high-class event. this is supposed to have derby like etiquette. >> far from it. in the white, a
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girl in a black dress. guys here trying to break things up. the guys filming this are loving it. >> [ bleep ]. >> the girl in the pink here is one named kristen miles. things sort of break up here. >> touch me again. >> daring [ bleep ]. and she touches somebody else again. oh. she smacks that girl, slaps that girl. things starting to break up here. according to a police report, they asked kristen miles to leave, and she did not leave, began arguing with the officers, they told her don't go back toward the altercation, she went back, got arrested and was charged with public intoxication. >> she was drinking? >> yes. she was consuming alcoholic beverages. >> shocked and appalled.
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>> and gave the camera an unintentional full moon right there. >> what were they fighting over? a man or a horse? >> maybe a man and a a horse? >> possibly a centaur. ladies. gallons of milk weren't the only thing smashed in this store. >> serves you right, buddy. big surise pop out. the story b tough owl. big surise pop out. the story b tough owl. >> hit thato quitothis. know i d - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to...
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a couple unexpected surprises to show you guys. the first, during the rally stage. driver and navigator communicating with each other, but one obstacle the navigator couldn't help the driver with was this one.
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oh! >> oh, no. that's not on your map. >> deer, a bunch of them, decided, you know this is about the time to run across the road. they didn't hit one. >> just wait one second and then cross, everybody is okay. >> unless they were pulling for the opposing driver and they were trying to knock this dude out of the race. >> yes, paid off. >> i think you were on to something. this team finished second overall. following the first team. >> oh. >> this other video is in north carolina. and you are not going to believe this. >> whoa. >> what is that? >> an owl being rescued from the grill of this truck, they release the grill just enough, and you see the owl flicking itself out. >> got himself out of there too. >> i think the owl was just a little disoriented, because as soon as she released herself, she ended up snatmashing into a
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window. they were worried that she may have been hurt, but when she flew away, they realize she was okay. >> when she hit that window, you think they say ow? >> totally. revolutionary break through in medicine, guys. i can't believe you haven't heard about this yet. sonograms will never be the same. some couples going to get their exam. that looks pretty much like your standard sonogram. the doctor is like -- i want to show you new technology. 3-d pictures out for a while. a whole new tier. turns on the tv. look at the images that these mothers and fathers are able to see. >> this isn't real this is a prank. >> they are freaking out. >> the baby is like, oh, i'll wave back. >> that ain't real. no. >> this guy is like my son is giving me a thumbs up.
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>> cool. he's cool. knows how to be cool before he is even born. the phone rings and watch what this baby does. starts clapping because the phone rang. >> how are these people falling for this? >> i feel badly for them. they think their little baby is a genius. >> one of the dads says i want to see his -- the doctor says you already saw this. >> he he just flipped the dad off. the camera crew busts through. the exam room this is all a setup. they hook things up, have a control room basically set up for these guys. a promo/prank for lg, was posted on the lg israel youtube channel. >> i like that. a big company has a sense of humor. >> i don't think beth will need the gag bag this time. i think it's going to be me.
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>> chocolate. >> i give you the choctopus. >> somebody frying up an octopus. the chocolate egg into the frying pan. like octopus fondue. >> coating it with chocolate, with a stick in it and going to eat it. >> it doesn't look like he knows what he's doing. a flopping octopus and chocolate egg. there will be people that would argue that chocolate makes everything better. put chocolate on anything and it will taste like a chocolate covered whatever. >> chocolate covered chewiness. >> seafood doesn't go with chocolate. >> does chocolate grasshoppers. >> the first time they put chocolate on popcorn, they probably said chocolate doesn't go with popcorn.
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>> this guy will show us with the expression on his face. >> choctopus. >> the grossest thing about this is how he is chewing. >> a lady friend comes into the video. >> you want some? >> no, thank you. >> he says it but i have a feeling he's not telling the truth. >> choctopus! >> a fisherman loses his catch to a bald eagle. but there is one little problem. >> crap, crap, crap! >> it was still attached to the line. >> and he looks like a typical 5-year-old, right? wait until you see what this small wonder can do. >> amazon or wonder woman? >> next on
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gallon smashing internet craze reached around the world. this one from australia. and maybe a little bit of karma involved. oh. >> oh, serves you right, buddy. >> that kid smashes two gallons of milk on the supermarket floor. slips on the milk and smashes his face. whole gallon smashing thing started with some brothers and a kous ub from virginia. remember, these pranks, we had the videos on the show. those videos wentviral.
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they are credited with starting this whole internet craze. if you remember, their actions led them to face charges of the silly prank. >> people are still doing this. i thought it was over with. >> hopefully this video will be the official end to this video. this guy if he did, in fact, broke his jaw, this is an example of what could happen to the people pulling the prank or the other people at the supermarket. >> did he break his own jaw? >> video, only eight second long, don't know what happens, but it looks like a pretty heavy impact. that is a bald eagle coming by and snatching this guy's fish. listen. >> oh, oh! oh, crap, crap, crap! >> it was still attached to the line. >> you can hear the reel just
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going along with the eagle and the fish, because the fish was hooked to the guy's line. >> this guy basically caught himself an eagle. >> caught himself an eagle, eventually the line snapped. >> yeah. >> the first time i heard this, i thought the sound and his reaction sounded a little iffy to me. i point out the rod yanked in the frame, bending in the direction of the eagle, so it looks like it may be legit. >> completely possible. the reaction sounds a little fake. >> he was by himself. possibly -- how do you process that? >> is that video real, fake? weigh in on >> crap, crap, crap! hello. what's your name? >> looking at 5-year-old arayana. and she's about to prove to us that she's stronger than all of us put together. >> are you strong? >> yeah. >> okay. let me see.
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whoa! >> now, wait a minute. what's going on here, beth trautman. >> arayana left lifted a car. >> i can explain, a very strong 5-year-old and she can lift vehicles. >> super power. >> is she an amazon or wonder woman? >> she lives in glendora, california. dad is behind the camera. dad took all of the necessary precautions, making sure she was safe, but he will not reveal his secrets. >> that means three big grown brothers sat on the front fender, they sat down and made the back go up. >> she has superhuman strength. he doesn't want to reveal it because he doesn't want the world knocking on the door. >> what's going on with the front of the car? >> we never see it. >> we need to see the front. lifting up a car. >> pick it back up. >> she lifts theup four
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times. a little strugle with the second lift. >> she little money go jiffy lube. lift the car up so i can change the oil. >> oh! >> good job! a small nor wau town turns into italy overnight. >> everybody probably knew the secret. >> everybody but the bride-to-be, the elaborate proposal with a big payoff, next.
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i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me.
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i say this based on experience. you don't want to be in a plane when this happens. >> is that a duststorm? >> a giant wall of dust. this is in saudi arabia. and you can see, the passenger got out their camera and started filming. it is dark it is ominous and coming closer. >> sounds like they are in a smaller plane too. so that makes you extra nervous. you wonder if the pilot can see through this. >> i feel like they should have gone up a little higher, or turned around and avoided this thing altogether. >> i doan know if these people were going or coming, you don't want to be in the midst of that. you don't want zero visibility. >> you raise your hand and tell the flight attendant, yeah, i'll pay $7 for a beer. about that time in the show to pay tribute to romance. with some proposal video.
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this one, you don't thinkth a proposal video. a woman zipping in on a zip line. she lands on the platform, and her fiance down on bended knee, still in his helmet. he is so emotional, she can't figure out what to do. on a high from the zip line. >> and tied too. >> she can't run away. >> she says yes. the people who are around, they all applaud. a good day at the zip line park. >> i thought she was going to fall for a minute. >> she did fall. fell in love, gail. >> and then another proposal video. head up to a small island off the coast of norway. >> an island that only has 110 citizens, but a fellow named daniel decided he was ready to propose to his love, gerta, he said nothing is more romantic than italy. he brought it to norway. with the help of people of the community, he built a little italy on the island.
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and a little pass up to this italian wonderland, and the entire community is involved. watch this. ♪ >> oh. >> he has an italian singer, but then the rest of the community, they come in and start singing this italian love song. ♪ >> and then with tears in her eyes, she sees her daniel come walking up. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i give him some credit, it had to be hard to hide this from her on such a tiny island. >> i like this one. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time.
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high school football season is almost over, and we're looking at some of the top players and teams @@@@@@@@@@@ @ we'll introduce you to a dominant defender from one of florida's top teams, and a well-traveled we'll also go to washington to take a close look at one of the nation's most dominant programs... all of that and more... next on sports stars of tomorrow. 00p@ @úú@@ú@ñ as the high school football season winds down, we're looking back today on some of the teams and players that have made headlines this season.


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